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About Us

Who is behind Big Mary & Quite The Opposite ?

The guy behind Big Mary is Jan. A quirky character who is a big mix of everything. A chemical engineer, linguist, photographer and a kitesurfer all rolled into one. An international traveller that has settled back in his native of Sweden after floating around the world and being the idealist that he is, wants to change the way in his own way.


The name?

The name Big Mary & Quite The Opposite comes from the tale of the elephant Big Mary. This poor elephant was according to legend hung from a crane for her misdemeanor. Just like many other stories is this one not verified and lives on just as beliefs in fantasy figures do.

Unfortunately for me was Big Mary not possible to register since a close match, a big girls undergarment brand, called Miss Mary where deemed to be too similar. Time will tell if that was a correct call.

Up came the extension of & Quite The Opposite. It made me laugh and I still find it funny. Taking into account rhyming slang, fairy tale Mary, other fairy tales, underwear, elephants, secularism and that made it for me. Can’t think of a better name even though I cut it short sometimes.


Have fun. Wear your opinion and show that you stand up for sense and reason.




Big Mary / Jan Åhlander, Stjärnvägen 8, 136 73 Vendelsö, Sweden 661004XXXX

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